Coronavirus Exposes Personal Weakness, Too



There’s some scary shit out here, guys! Guys??

Around the world, the spread of the pandemic has illustrated the existing social patterns in real time. Here in Tennessee, we are some of the last to see people getting sick. West Virginia was recently declared the 50th state to see an official case of coronavirus.

Watching it take over the conversation on Reddit, Twitter, and finally YouTube, was like watching a bowling ball from the perspective of a pin. I got to learn which of my friends pay attention to the outside world. Which of my friends, whether on purpose or not, had been absorbing right-wing talking points.

My state was also one of the last places to roll out closure rules, closely following President Trump’s timing. The US’ lack of readiness appears poised to puncture our arrogance. We’re about a week away from getting to see just how bad it might get. Our patchwork, overpriced healthcare system is about to be the center of a lot of unwanted attention.

In anticipation of this, some people are freaking out.

If corona virus affects my top surgery plans I will set something on fire I have been waiting years for this so if a VIRUS fucks it up I am going 2 be so pissed” [sic]

All unnecessary surgeries have been put on hold in cities around the world. Publicly melting down over a longer wait for “gender-affirming” treatment while cancer patients miss their chemo is not a good look.

Meghan Murphy, Feminist heroine, has nailed it as usual. In her article titled, ‘What If Your Identity Doesn’t Matter At All?‘ Ms. Murphy quotes a transwoman senior citizen, “My wondrous weaves need adjusting…. If I can’t get to the salon safely before the end of April, my lovely new ‘do will be flapping around like a tarpaulin….

She wags her finger squarely in the face of netizens found lamenting the frivolous while people are dying. “Now is not the time to complain…. I [would not] fall to pieces if someone failed to recognize, based on my outfit, what my relationship to gender was inside my head.

The Boomers, in true Boomer fashion, are refusing to “live in fear of some virus.” Not everyone over 60 is behaving like a spoilt teenager, but a predictably large number of older Americans are ignoring any risks to public health, under the banner of noble rebellion.

Laser Bitch

Don’t worry babe, I got you!

Every so often through history, things take a sharp left turn and everyone is suddenly struggling just to get by. War, weather, pandemics, different situations beyond any individual’s control demand we acknowledge we all live on one planet together, whether we like it or not. That we are affected by each other, whether we like it or not.

Events like this reach into every life, even here on the edge of Nowhere. The practical demands of Objective Reality bang at the window. If you don’t heed the needs of the day, you might not live to regret it.

Pressure from external forces to rely on the collective social contract exposes which of us are the most sick from the narcissistic drivel we all live on. The ones who really believe their own hype, in a world where we are encouraged to love ourselves to the point of expecting everyone else to.

A world where Individualism is sold to us as a progressive ideal where everyone is their happiest self, when it’s actually a regressively conservative framework built on personal alienation for the benefit of Capital.

As recently as a few years ago, I would have felt like a conspiracy theorist saying these things. But it’s growing increasingly obvious that powerful people have spent years sowing division and ignorance, of various kinds. We didn’t end up with 1% of the population owning 20% of all wealth because they’re just that much better than the rest of us. That only happens when someone is cheating.

The United States has gone from a world leader to a glorified third world country. My fellow Americans, we have been fleeced. They take our money and feed us garbage.

Barbed Wire

What vibe was I putting out to manifest this??

And in the coming weeks and months, as we live through the aftermath of the denial, the lack of tests, the failures in communication, we will get a demonstration of just how effective their divide-and-conquer strategy has been. Low wage workers are already being highlighted as among the most important. Everyone has to self-quarantine, except the cashier at the supermarket.

As unemployment soars, the absurdity of connecting everything we need to live to wage labor becomes obvious. If you’re unlucky enough to get laid off and hospitalized, you may wish you had died when you get the bill. And as the market dries up, the shallow areas will become parched long before the deepest pools. When the 80% of us who were getting by paycheck-to-paycheck suddenly have nothing, the few left standing with anything will be unable to deny their advantages.

And some of them will step forward claiming they had no idea. A few will probably even be telling the truth, that’s the nature of privilege, after all. But the Individualist, Randian, Orwellian cognitive dissonance the monied class has written into the culture is how they rationalize hoarding wealth like dragons.

Greed is Good.

Merit is rewarded with success.

God shows his approval through material wealth.

And, if you’re poor, it means God doesn’t love you.

Robot Scan

You will submit!

It’s a cultural philosophy that doesn’t care about us. But we are enticed to follow along. Promised that, if we work hard enough, we will get to be one of the worthy ones.

Ignoring how the “worthy ones” have rigged the system in their own favor. They don’t actually want us in their club, y’all.

They make their money off us working ourselves half to death. And if we decide we don’t care about accumulating wealth, that’s too bad, because you can’t have food, shelter or healthcare without a job. These days, a full-time job.

Pumping ourselves up with affirmations, Manifestation and Hustle Culture is not going to solve our problems. We don’t need to Be A Boss. We need to work together.

And those who can’t get past their need for personal validation, or their fear of collectivism, should be herded together for the therapy they desperately need. 

Once it’s safe to get together again, of course.


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